Such a simple question with three easy (or not so easy) answers.

  1. Movie Reviews
  2. Book/Fiction Thoughts/Reviews
  3. My own fiction

What I intend to do with them is more complex. I have been a voracious reader and consumer of genred media since I was a child, yet the presentation of women has changed a great deal from Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley whom I idolized as a young woman to the vapid wisp that is Twilight‘s Bella.

More women and girls are consuming this genre than ever before but the presentation of heroines seems to match an outdated concept of womanhood that is still sharply defined by her choice of mates and not by her abilities.

This is not all fiction nor all movies, yet there does seem to be a trend. I’m not interested in blaming FanFiction or romances which I have and will continue to enjoy. I am interested in examining women’s roles in these mediums. My background is primarily as a fiction writer but I want, no I demand, quality science fiction, fantasy and horror. This is my attempt at defining what quality might be.

Specific questions I might try to answer:

  • When does a flat female character serve a plot purpose and when does it show lazy writing by a male author?
  • How does one define warranted violence against women? Is there such a thing?
  • Does enjoying gratuitous images of female bodies (by men or women) perpetuate stereotypes of flatness in character development?
  • How do these mediums affect our perception of women around us?
  • How do we keep romance, sex, love, and reproduction in these presentations without diminishing one partner or the other?

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